Winter Services

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Spartan Contracting offers a wide variety of winter services to our valued customers.

From ice dam/roof snow removal to commercial snow plowing and everything in between we can handle all of your winter maintenance needs.

Ice Dam Removal / Roof Snow Removal

The most common causes of ice dams is the loss of heat into the attic space, inadequate insulation/ventilation, poor roof design, and excessive roof snow loads. Roof snow not only fuels ice dam build up but can also cause damage to your roofs sheathing and even worse structural issues to the trusses.

We will first determine the actual cause of the ice dams and then provide you with possible solutions. It is imperative that we remove all roof snow to reduce the future melting and freezing of water at the eaves. We then precisely remove the ice dam using our state of the art hot water steamer. This is the only effective way to remove an ice dam without doing damage to the shingles themselves. After we have removed the ice dam and snow we will also clear any driveways, sidewalks, and decks of the snow and ice we removed from the roof.

If your ice dam has caused a leak please contact us immediately for 24hr emergency service.

Commercial Snow Plowing - Stillwater, MN

Spartan Contracting has provided many businesses and commercial properties with snow plowing during winter months. 

Our very satisfied customers have included Arbys, McDonalds, Aldi, Super America Gas Stations, IHOP, etc. 

Rest assured we have the equipment to handle any snow fall. We offer yearly, monthly, and hourly service contracts at affordable rates. For prompt professional snow removal services choose Spartan!